Pay Your Last Respect to the Departed

A funeral ceremony brings everyone together to grieve and acknowledge the death and lifetime achievements of the departed soul.  At Coffins-Direct, we offer respectful and affordable funeral services, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Though funeral etiquettes have evolved over time, certain traditions have managed to survive. Most London cremations are open to the public unless the grieving family requests otherwise. Our priority is to alleviate your stress during this process. By selecting us, you unlock an unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with the ease of making online arrangements; all that without making unreasonable expenses.

To learn more about our funeral prices and services, kindly fill out the contact us form. Count on us to accompany you through each phase, facilitating the tribute that honors your loved one’s life and celebrates their memories in the most heartfelt manner.

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    Choose from Different Funeral Services, London

    At Coffins-Direct, we recognise that every individual is unique, and their farewell should reflect their life’s journey. We offer a wide range of funeral services for you to choose from.

    1. Traditional Funeral: The funeral can be as informal or traditional as you like. This approach involves a visitation, a formal service, and a procession to the final resting place.
    2. Direct Cremation: The direct cremation takes place shortly after passing, allowing for a personal and private farewell without a formal service.
    3. Memorial Services: The ceremony is held after burial or cremation, allowing family members and friends to gather and share memories.
    4. Religious or Cultural Services: These services are tailored to specific cultural or religious practices, ensuring a respectful and meaningful farewell for the departed soul.
    5. Home Funerals: A personalised and intimate option where the deceased is tended to at home until the time of cremation or burial.
    6. Celebration of Life Services: A unique tribute that focuses on celebrating the deceased person’s life, achievements, and passion rather than mourning their passing.

    Regardless of the choice you make, our caring and considerate staff will gladly discuss and accommodate your funeral needs.

    What Does a Typical Funeral Service Includes

    A funeral is a planned ceremony, usually divided into four parts. With each part intended for mourners to express their heartfelt attachment towards the deceased. At Coffins-Direct, we offer professional assistance before, through and after the funeral ceremony.


    The mourning family, friends and other guests pay individual respect to the deceased in front of the casket. The casket is open to viewing before the actual ceremony starts.

    Funeral Ceremony

    It includes delivering an eulogy, playing music, literary readings and religious passages by the pastor or officiant near the graveside, church or funeral home.

    Committal Service

    The deceased body is buried or cremated as per the wish of the family. It lasts for a brief period of time. You can choose committal service in a full casket or an urn.

    Funeral Reception

    The post-service reception enables family and friends to share memories, meals and lend emotional support to each other to celebrate the life of someone they cared about.

    Coffins-Direct: Your Trusted Source for Coffins and Caskets in London

    At Coffins-Direct, we recognise the importance of personalising funeral service with caskets or coffins in London. Discover what makes us the top choice for funeral ceremonies.


    Our compassionate and professional service prioritises your need to mourn without worrying about the funeral service cost.

    Custom Build

    Tailor-made coffins and caskets,  ensuring a personal tribute to the life of the departed soul.


    Choose affordability without compromise on the quality.

    Fast Delivery

    Enjoy safe delivery of your chosen casket or coffin, the very next day in most parts of London.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of funerals do you plan?

    We provide a comprehensive range of services, including direct cremations, traditional ceremonies, and personalized tributes. Check the page for more options and let us know how we can help.

    Can I arrange the funeral service online?

    Absolutely! Our online platform allows you to host the funeral ceremony the way you want. It saves your effort and time during this difficult time of yours.

    Do you assist with legal requirements and paperwork?

    Yes, our experienced team guides you through every legal aspect and ensures all necessary paperwork is taken care of.

    How do you make funerals eco-friendly?

    At Coffins-Direct, we use eco-friendly materials for building caskets and coffins. Also, our team ensures cremation happens using sustainable practices only.